About Us

Leanún is an Irish brand dedicated to aesthetics and stationery founded by Ciara, Éadaoin & Kate. We are best friends who met in college years ago and have always dreamed of building something from scratch. Our aim is to help women reach their biggest goals while also staying design focused.


  • From: Cork
  • Lived in: Cork, Dublin, San Francisco 
  • Guilty pleasure: The Real Housewives and murder podcasts!
  • Coffee/Tea - Coffee is life
  • Fave Quote to live by: "If you stand for nothing, You'll fall for anything." -Malcolm X
  • Chocolate or Taytos: Chocolate - Dairy milk golden crisp to be precise 
  • Woman you look up to: this is a tough one! Women who stand for something and go against the grain always have a special place in my heart so I'm going with Gloria Steinem.



  • From: Cork
  • Lived in: Cork - Vancouver - now Cork again!
  • Guilty pleasure: Butter - everything tastes better with butter!!
  • Coffee/Tea: coffee coffee coffee
  • Fave Quote to live by: ‘Get on with it!’
  • Chocolate or Tayto’s: both together or Tayto’s on their own
  • Woman you look up to: I’ve been lucky to have a number of female role models in my family who have led very different paths. I think knowing about these different paths has always made me feel like I could be anything or do anything.




  • From : Cork
  • Lived on : the Family Farm!
  • Guilty pleasure : Home décor, Cakes and NYC
  • Coffee/Tea : Green Tea, lukewarm
  • Fave Quote to live by : "The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams" - Oprah Winfrey
  • Chocolate or Taytos : Are Jellies an option..?
  • Woman you look up to : My friends, some of the most vibrant and daring women I know - as the saying goes - surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel - energies are contagious