Fake it, Til you Make it!

Imposter Syndrome…that awful feeling that you’ll be caught out or that you’re not capable. In reality, you’re very capable and probably viewed as such by all external parties. It’s something many people are burdened with and may contribute to the lack of female representation at higher levels of management.

If you feel like you might be suffering from a touch of imposter syndrome, here are 5 tips that may help to deal with same:

  1. Fake it, Til you Make it!

The title of this blog post is a strategy widely recommended for dealing with imposter syndrome. ‘Winging it’ isn’t a sign of stupidity or that you’re not capable, instead, it shows you have initiative and drive to try and figure it out. Change your thinking!

  1. No-one Gives a Shit about you!

If you’re a Doireann Garrihy fan, you’ll be familiar with this turn of phrase. If suffering from imposter syndrome, you are conscious of what everyone else thinks of you and your performance. STOP. RIGHT. THERE and repeat after Doireann – no-one gives a shit about you!

  1. Remember where you started

Look at how far you’ve come and acknowledge you’ve played a role in your progress. No doubt co-workers, family and friends have supported and helped you along the way but you must also recognise and be proud of the role you’ve played. Well done you!

  1. No-one’s perfect

Focus on being of benefit and adding value, not being perfect! Perfectionism is a whole other thing and can cause inaction. If you’re feeling frozen by the need to get it perfect, step back, take a deep breath, and just give it a lash.

  1. Never give in/up

If you have ambition, keep striving! Do not give in to that feeling of being an imposter and hold yourself back from taking a risk. You are capable, you will figure it out!

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