5 Tips To Prep Like A Boss!


    • Make A Plan

This is key! You cannot successfully meal prep without a plan of action. Sit down with your meal planner do a stock take and look at your schedule for the week. Glance through the pantry and the fridge and note what basics your missing or what you have to work with.

Then grab your meal planner and jot down your meals for the week. This is the fun part!


Make A List … and check it twice.

Make a shopping list. This is key to not only staying on plan but also saving money. Making a shopping list and sticking to it means you won’t be buying anything you don’t need.


Get Equipped

Containers are a must for successful meal prep. Make sure you have lots of food containers in all shapes and sizes- you're  gonna need them!

Other handy equiptment are measuring cups and scales. If you want to invest then a food processor , slow cooker and blender are must haves.

Pick A Day

Choose a day that you have some free time to get down to business. Sundays are my go to. I usually shop on a Saturday and meal prep on a Sunday afternoon. Meal prep normally takes me about 2 hours. Here are my go to meal options:

Breakfast : Oat Bake

Lunch: Rotisserie chicken, Salad , Tomato Soup

Dinner: I usually chop all the vegetables for the week and prep one crock pot meal. This usually sets me up for the week.


Don’t Forget Snacks

Snacks are life savers - especially on a busy day! I usually make a big batch of protein balls and make up some fruit cups or trail mix to grab and throw into my handbag on the go! Very tasty with your coffee too!


Happy Meal Planning! 

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